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Craftsman Power

Powermate portable generators and pumps: prompt power assistance to light up, tackle site jobs and property improvement works. Simply your best solution to your remote power needs as well as emergency back up during a power outage.

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Recreational Power

Camping, tailgating, feel outdoorsy. Time to power up your leisure experience and enjoy your home away from home with all comforts: appliances and personal electronics at your fingertips with no battery-dependent worries.

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Home Backup Power

Robust components combined with generous fuel tank capacity stands for reliability with low operating cost. The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - optional - offers the comfort of prompt start up in case of outage. The reliable choice of conscious homeowners.

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Find out more about Powermate by PRAMAC portable power tools; here you have a list of the most popular topics, product suggestions and usage tips.

  • How to choose a portable power generator

    To choose the right portable generator, you should focus your attention mainly on three points:

    • Usage. Decide which type of use should be your goal: home standby, long run, temporary run use;
    • Tension. Consider if you need a single phase or a three phase
    • Power. Determine how much power you need for the items you care about 
  • How do I determine what size Generator I need?

    The generator dimensions are strictly related to the quantity of power they are able to supply. To determine the right size, add up the total watts of all lights, appliances, tools, or other equipment you would like to connect simultaneously to the generator. Getting the right starting and running wattage of the devices you intend to power is crucial for calculating the accurate power requirements. Normally, you will find this information in the identification plate or in the owner's manual of each respective tool or electrical equipment.

  • What is an Inverter Generator?

    An inverter generator produces direct current power and then converts it to alternating current power using digital electronics.
    This results in a higher quality more consistent power, which is safer and more reliable to power delicate equipment and electronics with microprocessors such as computers, televisions, digital devices and smart phones.
    Inverter generators are quieter and lighter than conventional generators of the same wattage.

  • How do I start the generator?

    Please take safety precautions when running a portable generator. It is important not to run generators inside a home, garage or any enclosed space.
    Before the first ignition, we recommend you to consult the instruction and maintenance manual and proceed as follows:

    • Put the oil in the engine
    • Fill the tank with the fuel type indicated
    • Pull the air choke
    • Pull the recoil handle (Only for the models with electrical start, it is necessary to connect the battery before turning the key

    You can also find useful tutorial videos showing how to proceed on our youtube channel

  • How do I shutdown the generator?

    The first thing you have to do is turning off all the connected tools and appliances and letting the generator set run for a few minutes to cool down. You should then stop the generator set by pressing the Start/On/Off switch in the OFF position and finally close the fuel valve.

  • What does a Transfer Switch do? Should I need one?

    A transfer switch is a device that safely connects your generator to the electrical within your home or your commercial business. The switch provides an easy and effective method of transferring power from a standard source (i.e. grid) to the generator, when the standard source fails. When the standard source is restored, the Automatic Transfer Switches power back to the standard source and shuts the generator down. ATS are often used in high availability environments such as data centers, manufacturing plans, telecommunication networks and so forth.

  • How loud are portable generators?

    The Powermate by PRAMAC portable generators range offers different soundproofing levels according to different models.

  • Which type of fuel is recommended?

    Different types of fuel are used with our Powermate by PRAMAC generators: petrol or diesel. These are all traditional fuels, normally used as cars power. In the instruction and maintenance manual, you will find detailed information about the type of fuel required for running your power generator.

  • How often should I replace my engine oil? What type of oil is recommended?

    It depends on how long the generator runs. In the instruction and maintenance manual, you will find specific instructions about the engine. Anyways, it is advisable to change the oil at least once a year.

  • Where should I set the portable generator?

    Please set the generator outdoors and use it only on a horizontal surface (not inclined). You need to position it away from doors and windows so that the exhaust fumes do not get inside the house.

  • Can the generator be used during inclement weather?

    Powermate by PRAMAC portable generators can be used in a wide variety of weather conditions, but they should be protected from the elements when in use to prevent shorting and rusting.

  • Does the portable generator need to be grounded?

    Powermate by PRAMAC portable generators do not need to be grounded.

  • How often should I perform routine maintenance?

    Please check the instruction manual for the recommended maintenance schedule related to your engine.

  • Where to go for maintenance and repairs?

    Powermate by PRAMAC portable provides after sales service all over the world through dedicated service points. Please find more information on our Service Center Locator area.

  • I cannot find my original owner manual. How can I get another copy?

    It is possible to download the original owner manual from the web. Please find more information on our Service Center Locator area.