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Craftsman Power

Powermate portable generators range: prompt power assistance to light up, tackle site jobs and property improvement works. Simply your best solution to your remote power needs as well as emergency back up during a power outage.


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Motor Pumps

A range of motor pumps designed to handle all types of water, from fresh to muddy water. The series has been developed with a rugged structure to withstand harsh on-site use and flooding.

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  • TMP65-3

  • Motor Pump TMP65-3
  • Motor Pumps Powermate TMP series is the right answer to handle clean to semi-trash water in all sites.TMP series is conceived to work in tough conditions and guarantee performance despite muddy works sites. Pumps feature limited self-priming. Pump body filling with liquid is not mandatory requirement, altough it will help to speed up the working time. Sturdy roll frame for added protection and easy maintenance.

    • Powermate OHV engine, 4-Cycle
    • Fuel: Petrol 
    • Starting Systems: Recoil
    • Low-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage
    • Pratical quick user's Starting Instruction (decal)
    • Pump type: Semi-trash
    • Cast Iron Volute and Impeller for durability
    • Roll cage for added protection

Caracteristici principale
Tip Semi-trash water pump
  Dimensiune solidă maximă  


Înălţime maximă de aspirare m 7
Debit de intrare maxim m 29
Delivery Volume l/min 1080
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Video tutorial First start-up
Text Learn how to run your Powermate by PRAMAC safely and efficiently